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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Prayer and Meditation Resources

I thought I would post the prayer and meditation resources that I use to help maintain my sobriety on a daily basis. 

Every morning I thank my higher power for waking me up to enjoy another day sober. I ask my higher power to keep me sober, "Just for Today." I know that my freedom from alcoholism is only a daily reprieve and it is completely dependent upon the maintenance of my spiritual condition. I pray and meditate daily to maintain my sobriety.

I use several resources to help maintain my spiritual condition. The first resource I use is the "Daily Reflections" reading. It is a book of reflections by AA members for AA members and is organized by calendar date.

The next resource I use is the "Just for Today" reading. It is dedicated to members of Narcotics Anonymous but is very relevant to my condition of alcoholism. This reading has always spoken directly to my heart. It is also organized by date.

Another resource I use for daily meditation is "Twenty-Four Hours a Day." This particular resource is organized by calendar date and includes the "AA Thought for the Day," the "Meditation for the Day," and the "Prayer for the Day." This book is published by the Hazelden Foundation and was first written in 1954. The first revision was created in 1975.

"A Day at a Time" is a book of "Daily Reflections for Recovering People." It was copyrighted by the Hazelden Foundation in 1989. The book is organized by calendar date and includes three sections per day. The first section is entitled "Reflection for the Day." The next section is called "Today I Pray" and the final section is "Today I Will Remember."

As a female recovering alcoholic, who attends a weekly women's AA group, I enjoy "The Language of Letting Go" most of all. We use this daily reading at each meeting. The book was written by Melody Beattie in 2005. It is produced by the Hazelden Foundation. It is also organized by calendar date.

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