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Friday, April 27, 2012

Facing My Feelings

"I never felt anything because I never faced anything. I hid behind the drink."

It took true courage for me to face situations in my life. I chose to use alcohol for years to cope with my life, but the alcohol had run its course and stopped working for me.

While the alcohol was working, I could numb myself from the reality of my life. There were struggles and strife that seemed to be erased by the liquor but, in reality, were still there waiting for me once I sobered up.

Actually, my problems got worse as I continued to drink. My body became chemically dependent and I was left to drink to keep from shaking and feeling the continual hangover. I was now using alcohol to fight the pain of my addiction.

Since I have found the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, I am able to face my daily situations and struggles. I am able to use the 12 Step Program and rely on other recovering alcoholics to guide me through my life without a drink. I have traded "liquid courage" for the real thing, and for that I am grateful to my Higher Power for leading me to the Fellowship of AA.

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