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Sunday, April 22, 2012


"If the alcoholics who came ahead of us were not responsible to the AA program, I would not be here today. We must remain responsible for those who come to our fellowship in the future."

It is amazing to me that the AA program has endured and thrived since 1935. The program is simple. There are suggestions made in the Big Book of Alcoholic Anonymous. These suggestions help me to maintain my sobriety. It has been said, "Pray, attend meetings, find and use a sponsor, develop a network of recovering alcoholics, and most important of all, Don't Drink!"

This program works for me one day at a time. As long as I maintain a fit spiritual condition and rely on the God of my understanding, I can stay sober, one day at a time. I am grateful for the alcoholic who led the way with this AA program. It and they have saved my life.

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