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Friday, June 29, 2012

Questions and Answers (Part II)

The next question I asked myself was "What is the purpose of my life with this disease?"

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Questions and Answers

Sobriety, for me, is a gift from God. I have asked myself and my higher power the questions and want to share where I am in my journey concerning each of these.

First, "Why am I an alcoholic?" When I asked this question of another alcoholic, he answered, "So you can reach out to another sick and suffering alcoholic." I know that is part of my 12-step program, to reach out to others who can be helped by my sharing my experience, strength, and hope regarding my disease. When I asked my sponsor, she said, "Why not?" That answer stopped me in my tracks. What did she mean, "why not?" After I thought about the response, I had to agree with her. Why not? I could have been born with diabetes, or be suffering from heart disease, or dealing with any other disease know to the medical community. But the disease I have to deal with, learn about, and learn to control on a daily basis, is alcoholism. Why me? Why not?

The next question I ask myself is "What is the purpose of my life with this disease?"

and then... "What am I supposed to do with this knowledge and information?"

I continue to review my life and ask my higher power to reveal the answers to these questions, so I can share my experience, strength, and hope with others.