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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Alcoholism is a Fatal Disease

"Alcoholism is a progressive, chronic, and fatal disease. I have a daily reprieve, if I do not drink. However, the further away I am from my last drink, the closer I am to my next one."

My recovery today comes from the knowledge and understanding that this thing called alcoholism is a fatal disease. I must, on a daily basis, maintain my spiritual fitness so that I can remain sober, just for today.

Just as a diabetic may need to take insulin daily, I must also take my daily medicine to prevent succumbing to the disease of alcoholism. My daily medicine includes attending at least one Alcoholics Anonymous meeting each day. I must remain in contact with other alcoholics, who are willing to share their own experience, strength, and hope with the same situations that I am struggling. I must contact my sponsor daily and pray and meditate. My higher power helps me maintain my sobriety, but only if I ask for help to maintain it. It takes action, on my part, to stay sober.

I am grateful that my higher power led me to the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous and the fellowship of other recovering alcoholics. Alcoholics Anonymous has been my lifeline and it can be yours also!


  1. Donna,

    I work in the business and have seen many people taken by this horrific disease. The only people who doubt alcoholism is fatal are those who are struggling with the disease that tells them it isn't.
    D. Bryan

  2. Hello D. Bryan,

    Thank you for your comment! This blog has been therapy for me, another resource to help me maintain my sobriety.

    You are right, as a alcoholic, it is so easy to get away from the horrors of my last drunk, and begin to think that I am just like all the other "normal" people out there.

    I am thankful to my home group, my sponsor, and my higher power!

    Please share this blog with those you know who may benefit from the experience, strength, and hope of other recovering alcoholics!

    Thanks, a grateful recovering alcoholic named Donna

  3. My friend are going through these type of issues..I wanna to help him out.I thank for you posting these.


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