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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Effects of Consuming Alcohol

I am working with a therapist who is licensed in alcohol and substance abuse. Part of my assignment last week was to find out the physical effects of consuming alcohol. I am providing that list here for anyone who suffers from, or knows someone who suffers from, alcoholism. 


1.  is a depressant
2.  causes dizziness
3.  lowers inhibitions
4.  impairs judgment
5.  causes individuals to engage in inappropriate behavior
6.  is a nervous system depressant
7.  affects vision
8.  affects hearing
9.  affects the ability to sort through emotions
10. can cause an increase in sociability
11. can cause an increase in aggression
12. causes nausea
13. causes vomiting
14. causes insomnia
15. causes bad breath
16. causes headaches
17. causes thirst
18. causes fatigue
19. causes anxiety
20. causes hallucinations
21. causes nervous tremors
22. causes liver damage
23. causes cirrhosis
24. causes vitamin deficiencies
25. causes brain damage
26. causes stomach disease
27. causes impotence
28. causes breast, mouth, and esophageal cancers
29. can cause fetal alcohol syndrome, if consumed by pregnant mothers
30. causes heart damage
31. causes high blood pressure
32. leads to obesity
33. can cause strokes


  1. WOW! That's alot of effects and not one of them sounds like a fun time!

    1. You are very right Pam! I have inherited this disease. I drank "socially" from 1977, when I turned 18 until I was 32. I didn't have another drink until my mother was sick at the end of 2009. When she died in Jan 2010, I went to the bottom of a bottle and I stayed there. I have been involved with AA, recovery, treatment centers, and therapists since February 2011. It has been a wild journey and I just want to reach out to those folks who are still sick and suffering. There is hope! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Donna, I wanted to publicly express my appreciation for what you are doing with your blog. I know your focus is on AA here. I hope you won't mind my adding a comment about the "sister program" Al-Anon, which I have become involved with during the past year. For those who do not know, Al-Anon provides support to the families of alcoholics. Both of these programs are life-altering and I am grateful to everyone who supports them!!

    1. Thanks so much Kathy! These programs have altered both my and my husband's lives. Please continue sharing with everyone you know about this blog. I am so happy to be able to serve those alcoholics (and their family members) who are still in and out of the rooms.


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