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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Journey of Sobriety

The life of sobriety is wrapped up in the statement below... as an alcoholic I can not hold a resentment and remain sober! As a recovering alcoholic I am enjoying my life! I am having fun and living now, instead of being a slave to the bottle. If I immediately apologize to those I have offended, I live a freer life. Finally, to let go of what I can not change, and to hand it over to my higher power, allows me to enjoy my journey of sobriety!


  1. Donna, I liked your "Let Go" photo so much, I shared it on Facebook!!

    1. That is great Kathy! Please share this link with everyone you know. My husband loves Al-Anon and I am very grateful that he is part of the program. He is 12 stepping, while I am 12 stepping and we are both getting better because of the programs.


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